The Land of My Fathers and Mothers and Some Other People’  by Rhys Slade-Jones: Inaugural Recipient of The COMMON AWARD (2019).



COMMON are seeking an experienced digital creative / creative technologist to join the creative team during the first development stage of our new project ‘TRIPLETS’, supported by Fuel and Coombe Farm Studios.

Inspired by the Channel 4 documentary 'Three Identical Strangers', and through presenting the experience of triplets separated at birth and adopted into families from three distinct socio-economic groups (working, middle and upper-class), ‘TRIPLETS’ is a new production which aims to deconstruct the 'myth of meritocracy' within British society - the idea that ‘nature’ can enable social mobility as significantly as ‘nurture’ - and reveal the degree to which socio-economic origin directly influences the social, economic and cultural opportunities accessible to young people across Britain today.

In this project we are actively seeking to incorporate digital technology within the form of the work to embed opportunities for interactive and participatory elements for future audiences, meaning the digital creative / creative technologist will be a core and collaborative member of the creative team.

We are undertaking a week-long residency at Coombe Farm Studios (Dartmouth) from Monday 7th to Friday 11th October 2019 to explore early concepts and generate material for this new production. The digital creative or creative technologist is not required to be available to attend this residency, however if they are available we would encourage them to attend all or part of it, and the resource is available to enable them to do so.

We are therefore seeking a digital creative / creative technologist who ideally:

- Has previous experience of designing, developing and incorporating digital technology into live theatre-based projects / productions.

- Has experience of using digital technology to explore participatory and interactive opportunities within theatre productions for live audiences.

- Has a collaborative and team-orientated approach to developing new work and digital systems on creative projects.

FEE: £666.82 (including holiday pay). Travel, meal and accommodation expenses for the residency at Coombe Farm studios are provided.



Please send your CV and a short (200 – 300 word) overview of your previous work as a digital creative / creative technologist, as well as your interest in working on this particular project.

Please send the above to David Loumgair (Founder & Creative Director of COMMON) on

Deadline: 5pm, Saturday 21st September.