DAN WYE, WHY, WHY?! (Working Title)


Writer/Performer:                                                                                 Dan Wye
Director/Dramaturg:                                                                            David Loumgair
Producer/Charity Outreach Partnership Co-Ordinator:                  Ailbhe Treacy
Associate Producer/Financial Advisor:                                             Hannah Turk

Being developed with support from Ovalhouse and the Belgrade (Coventry) in January 2018.

DAN WYE, WHY, WHY?! is the exposing and autobiographical new performance fusing elements of stand-up comedy, riotous cabaret and live art from award-winning writer, performer and comedian Daniel Wye.

Drawing on his own experiences as a young, gay man, this inclusive and celebratory new performance explores the sharp decline of self-worth and psychological well-being, the increase in mental health difficulties faced by the LGBTQ+ community and the relationship between sexuality, depression and anxiety.

DAN WYE, WHY, WHY?! is set in a world where the heart is our battlefield and one man from Coventry wages war against the system. It's a tale of self-sacrifice, desperation and finding unparalleled power.

Originally developed with support from the Old Vic Labs.