Wednesday 4th april: 6.30pm - 9pm

donmar dryden street: clore studio

      Photography Credit: Savannah Photographic ( )

     Photography Credit: Savannah Photographic (


COMMON GROUND is our inaugural initiative, where working-class artists in regions across the country are invited to take part in a supportive, group discussion to share the barriers they face when building careers in theatre.

We are excited to be receiving support from The Donmar Warehouse to deliver a COMMON GROUND discussion exclusively aimed at theatre directors who self-identify as working-class.

In the discussion, we will consider the barriers to career progression that you face as a theatre director, which could be directly linked to your socio-economic status, and based on the barriers which are shared ask for your direct suggestions of opportunities and support services that could be created to help artists overcome them.

We then aim to collaborate with established theatres and arts organisations across the UK to further develop and trial the opportunities which are suggested, with the aim of supporting the sustained career development of working-class artists nationwide.


Through delivering COMMON GROUND events across the UK, we are gathering information which is crucial to increasing our understanding of the barriers that artists from working-class backgrounds face, and what interventions need to be made in the industry to help remove them.

This COMMON GROUND discussion is aimed exclusively at working-class* theatre directors, offering a platform for artists to come together and discuss the barriers to career progression that they face in this specific discipline. 

The discussion is open to working-class directors of all types and in all stages of their career, including freelance, early-career, mid-career and established, Artistic Directors, associate directors and assistant directors.


*Due to the complexities surrounding the measurement of socio-economic diversity in British theatre, we currently use the term 'working-class' to describe artists who confidently self-identify as being from working-class backgrounds, which includes those who have a family history of social, economic and financial disadvantage.

Please do not attend this event if you do not confidently self-identify as working-class. There will be opportunities to join the conversation and support the cause of working-class diversity in theatre as an ally at a later date.


6.30pm - 9pM
Wednesday 4th april 2018

clore studio: donmar dryden street


generousLY supportED BY The donmar warehouse


This event is wheelchair-accessible, baby/child friendly and inclusive of working-class artists from intersectional backgrounds across race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, gender binaries and disabilities.

Please contact us on in advance of the discussion if you have any specific requirements, questions or access needs.