The Land of My Fathers and Mothers and Some Other People’  by Rhys Slade-Jones: Inaugural Recipient of The COMMON AWARD (2019).

The Land of My Fathers and Mothers and Some Other People’ by Rhys Slade-Jones: Inaugural Recipient of The COMMON AWARD (2019).



The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a unique opportunity to showcase your work to audiences from around the world, and to build new relationships with artists, venues and allies to support the continued development of your career.

However, every year the Festival becomes an increasingly inaccessible platform for many artists from socio-economically disadvantaged, intersectional backgrounds.

To support artists and theatre companies from working-class and socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds make the most of the incredible opportunity that the Edinhurgh Fringe provides, the Pleasance Theatre have joined forces with COMMON to launch The COMMON Award.

The COMMON Award is the only opportunity of its kind which aims to support an exceptional theatre or children's show made by an artist or theatre company from a working-class or socio-economically disadvantaged background to be presented at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The support the recipient of this opportunity will receive includes:

  • A cash investment of £1,000 towards the cost of presenting your show at the Edinburgh Fringe, which could go toward elements including travel, accommodation, Fringe registration and subsistence.

  • A guaranteed and effective slot for your show as part of The Pleasance Theatre’s Edinburgh Festival programme.

  • A 60/40% or 55/45% box office split in your favour depending on VAT status of the company.

  • Development, rehearsal and work space in the lead up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at The Pleasance’s London theatre.

  • Additional marketing presence during the Edinburgh Festival as part of the Pleasance Theatre’s Pleasance Futures marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • Mentoring, support and advocacy from COMMON in the lead-up to and during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

  • Access to COMMON’s network of industry relationships with established venues, arts organisations and high-profile industry members.

  • A guaranteed London transfer of your production at the Pleasance Theatre (London) post-Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


COMMON have attempted to make the eligibility criteria for this opportunity as inclusive and accessible as possible for artists who come from working-class and socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

We acknowledge that some questions asked in the Application Form may feel personal or invasive to some artists. They may therefore feel uncomfortable responding to them, or feel that certain details of their lived experience and background are private, and do not wish to share them.

Artists should only reveal details that they feel comfortable sharing with the reviewers of these applications. All application forms will be kept confidential and will not be shared publicly.

We hope artists will appreciate that the methods for effectively and accurately measuring an individual’s socio-economic background are still developing within the context of the UK theatre industry.

Our methods for accurately understanding an individual’s socio-economic background in future opportunities will therefore continue to improve as we develop our knowledge and practices.

Should you feel strongly that your background is one of socio-economic disadvantage but the criteria are not inclusive of your lived experience, then please contact COMMON directly to tell us your feedback and we will be happy to discuss this with you in more depth.

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Applications for The COMMON Award 2019 are now closed.


COMMON are dedicated to challenging socio-economic inequality and exclusion that currently characterises the UK theatre industry.

Our programmes are therefore specifically committed to supporting artists from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, inclusive of intersectionality across gender, ethnicity, race, sexuality, and visible and non-visible disability and illness.

Please do not apply to this opportunity if you do not come from a working-class or socio-economically disadvantaged background.

To be eligible to apply for The COMMON Award, applicants must:

  • Be in an early or mid-stage of their career.

  • Identify as coming from a working-class or socio-economically disadvantaged background.*

  • Have a commitment to taking a production to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019.

*Typically, socio-economic disadvantage is known to be associated with the term ‘working-class’, or coming from a ‘working-class background’.

However, COMMON acknowledge that there are many complexities linked with the term ‘working-class’.

We understand that whilst some people would proudly identify as such, for multiple reasons others may decide not to, or may choose to identify through different terms.

However, although each artist may choose to identify differently, each artist will have experienced socio-economic disadvantage from an early age.

We therefore use the term ‘socio-economically disadvantage background’ in an attempt to be as inclusive of an individual’s personal identity and lived experience as possible.